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Samui Real Estate

Koh Samui was one of the first places in Thailand to start offering private villas as an alternative to a traditional hotel or resort room. At the beginning of the 2000s there was a shift in the tourism industry on the island from a traditional budget audience to more mature, well-heeled visitors looking for bespoke holiday experiences. At the same time, a real estate boom meant fast returns could be made in residential island property. A steady stream of visitors meant investors also began to hedge on rental income and the private villa market was born.

Due to Koh Samui's popularity as one of the most visited travel destinations in Thailand, the island has seen rapid development. It has been too rapid in some people's opinion, as the island actually went through a period in the early 2000s when both locals and foreigners were complaining about over development and poor regulation. Since then, however, the local authorities have tightened regulations in order to improve the built environment and developers are undergoing tougher monitoring to ensure better quality and more environmentally friendly building practices.

As a result, new developments being built on Koh Samui are of a much higher quality than they once were and the island is now home to some of the most beautiful and sought after private villas in the world. The architecture and designs vary greatly, but generally speaking the quality of the villas is now world-class and leaves nothing to be desired, even for the most demanding buyers.

With land prices typically below those on Phuket, investors also see a lot of potential in Koh Samui where the villa rental market is supported by a healthy, upscale tourism industry and many supporting attractions such as hip beach clubs and an international dining scene.

For those owning a villa on Koh Samui and wanting to utilise it for income generation, the island is also home to professional rental agencies like Horizon Homes that can help with marketing and maintenance, taking all the trouble out of owning a villa abroad. For a small fee, they will take care of the day to day maintenance of the property and place it into their regular rental pool, using their network and marketing tools to maximise the return on investment. Such companies usually offer a first point of contact for visitors online and therefore offer a useful service for individual owners who may not have the same reach.


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