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Koh Samui Land

Koh Samui is a pristine tropical paradise that lives up to all the postcards with its spectacular views and relaxed island lifestyle. Due to this many foreigners have chosen to build on the island making the land here both valuable and sort after.

Originally traditional coconut farms and Thai fishing villages dominated the Koh Samui landscape predominantly. Nowadays the pristine white sandy beaches and lush tropical hillsides are prime choices for commercial and residential properties. Despite much of the beach land being owned, this small but diverse island still has much to offer, with the central hillsides becoming increasingly popular with investors and developers due to their outstanding views and beautiful tropical forests.

Buying land on Koh Samui is a brilliant investment opportunity, as it is relatively affordable in comparison with current western markets. Once owning land many choose to build residential housing either for them selves or for onward sale. This is a very popular decision but defiantly isn’t the only option. With the steady growth of housing in Samui there are many western developers and investors looking for prime land to build their next project on. Depending on the quality and size of your land, this is also a reasonable option.


Land prices vary a lot on the island, with land close to the main tourist districts, such as Chaweng and Bophut beach, as well as land in the serene and relatively untouched south, seeing a large rise in value. Whereas small pieces of forest land with little or no view are at the bottom of the scale.

With the steady and continuing development of the island the more built up towns are expanding and with recent upgrades in infrastructure, such as the ring road land previously less popular and too far away is becoming more valuable. The Thailand government is also in the process of granting Koh Samui ‘City’ status. This will be a great improvement to the island and will result in much of the local infrastructure being upgraded, again improving the value of your land.

When buying land, it pays to be sure to check that the boundaries and right of access to your land are properly marked both on the title land deeds and on the land itself. Not confirming these is a common mistake made by foreigners when buying land and can result in owning land that is much smaller than you first thought or not owning any access to your own property. To avoid problems such as this you are strongly recommended to use a lawyer in all land dealings.

With the increase of professional western developers like Palm Construction., Co Ltd and real estate companies like Eco Real Estate., Co Ltd on the island these problems are becoming less but it is still recommended that you be wary and deal through well-known and established companies.



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