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Investment Property in Koh Samui

The white sandy beaches, tropical climate and booming tourist industry have seen a large influx of investors to the island in the last 20 years. Although Koh Samui offers many options to investors, the most straight forward and profitable of these would have to be an investment in real estate.


With a large local expat community and over 1.5 million visitors a year, Koh Samui has defiantly made its mark on the world stage. With this, we have seen increasing demand for apartments, condominiums and luxury villas all over the island. This ever growing demand coupled with the prospect of huge returns has made property investment on the island a growing and thriving industry.

With Samui’s recent upgrade to the ring road, international airport and drainage system, as well as the arrival of world recognized hotels and spa resorts, such as The Four Seasons and W Hotel, the island has begun to attract a more upmarket cliental. This has been great for the property market as many of these regular visitors eventually decided to purchase or rent a villa of their own.

When investing or purchasing property in Koh Samui, the transaction is most likely going to be in cash, making it a safe haven with steady growth and no nasty surprises. Some companies like Palm Group Asia also offer the option of off shore financing and rental guarantee schemes providing even more peace of mind on your investment. The main return on your investment is the annual capital growth. This has been seen to grow to exuberant price in Samui with investors seeing returns in the range of 20% to over 40% per annum at times.

Another way to generate extra return on your property, and a feature unique to owning investment real estate is through rental. With Koh Samui being a bustling tourist destination, and popular with families, there has been a growing demand for short and long term rental properties. With families and large groups generally preferring a rental home to a hotel there is growing demand for available property in the main areas. Renting and leasing your property, while still retaining ownership is the most secure way to guarantee returns, no matter how the economy turns.

Investment property can either be bought from a real estate agent as a finished building, meaning, although higher prices, immediate returns as rental can start straight away.


Another option is to design and construct your own property or properties on land you already own or have recently purchased, this allows input into the design process but means there is usually a period before any return is seen.

Also an option growing in popularity is to invest into a development, buying your real estate off the plan. These developments usually have amazing views and land packages at the prices. With so many options, depending on the level and amount of your investment, Koh Samui is a brilliant location for your next venture.

Investment in property is one of the most lucrative and secure forms of investment, and is a vital and leading part of any person’s investment portfolio. Although investment should always been well researched and you should always protect yourself from changes in the market, a Koh Samui property investment is a proven way to secure great returns as well as diversifying you investment portfolio.

Companies like Koh Samui Property Portfolio (KSPP) are specialist in the market of commercial property and large residential developments, with year of experience and knowledge of property investing.

KSPP can be contacted at


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